Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Beatles...50 year anniversary of appearing on Ed Sullivan Show

 You know that great mail I showed you in this post? I made a journal page from some of it. I figured this week we have the Olympics, Valentine's Day, and the anniversary of the Beatles appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, so I think I 'll make a page about each. Since this is my planner I still had to have my "to do" list and it's on the top tag.
 When you flip it up, you have "love is all you need." Classic.
If you flip up that tag (ready made by "Reflections"), and you find part of the envelope from my happy mail...with 3 of the Beatles on it. I also used some of the gelli printed paper she sent me to collage over my address and put the band's name, and the 50th anniversary info.

I have one page left for this week and I think I'll draw something that has to do with the Olympics.

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Carlie Hamilton said...

Not just this page, but all your journal pages are beautiful! I love the colour that you capture in your pages :)