Friday, June 08, 2007

Get Your Doodle On!

Chrysti is hosting an ATC swap with doodling as the emphasis. Now, I've never done an ATC before, but I have doodled! So I figured that this might be a good swap to start with. Unfortunately, I've waited until the last minute and I will have to send these overnight or something if I still want to be in. I did the doodling in my Moleskine and then cut the pages apart and glued them onto playing cards.
They're colorful anyway!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Playing around....

with that page from this weekend. I tore some tidbits from the literature we picked up from the park and played wtih the watercolor pencils. Thanks for the nice comments yesterday....isn't the internet great?! I don't know very many people in my "real life" who are into journalling. There are a few who understand, but most people think it's kind of cool...yet seem to wonder why you'd spend time on drawings that aren't always all that good. In my "virtual life" I have all you folks who really get it!

Sketching at Morton Arboretum

Saturday we went to Morton Arboretum to wander around and enjoy the day. I was with Joe and he's not a sketcher, but I got in a fast one anyway. This is a sculpture by Patrick Dougherty. Very cool and very sturdy...though it makes me think of one of the 3 little pigs houses...built of sticks!
The 17 year cicadas were everywhere...and the noise they make is other worldly. I still may add some color or something to these pages.
Looking a rustic church.
Just trying a new profile pic.