Thursday, July 17, 2014

Drawing at the lake...

It's been windy and cold at the lake. We have no heat there, so we bundle up, or even sometimes go out antiquing to get warm!
I've been spending time on the porch where the sun heats it up a little better.
I've been painting backgrounds and drawing flowers. While things would dry on the backgrounds, I'd go out and draw some plant from the yard.
I've only made ATCs once before (a long time ago), but we had some playing cards that didn't make a whole deck, so I gessoed them. I put it on kind of thick so it takes a while to dry.

I brought Derwent Inktense pencils with me, so that's what I used to color the ATCs and also to add color to my drawing. These are very cool pencils...different from watercolor pencils in some important ways. There is a nice article HERE about the differences. The colors are much bolder once they are wet with a brush, and I'm still getting used to that. In real life, the climbing hydrangea is very subtle colors that would be easily achieved with watercolor, but I veered from reality and made them brighter since I was using the Inktense pencils.

Loving playing with the colors. I colored some directly on the cards and then wet with a damp paper towel. Others I loaded the brush with water and used the pencil as a watercolor pan, drawing up pigment that I could paint with and splatter around.
I wrote on some with Indian ink before or after painting. It will be interesting to see where these go.