Monday, June 22, 2009


I was doing the laundry today when I got this in the mail....a couple of Moonlight Chronicles by Dan Price. I ordered these particular ones because they were done while he was touring the Hawaiian Islands on his trike. Perfect reading for the porch hammock this evening.

Dan is an inspiring character. Most journalers are familiar with him I think, but if you aren't, check him out on flickr and on his site. He has simplified his life to what he deems essential, gained some sponsors he can be proud of, and travels and records his adventures in his journals. Now, he has simplifed beyond where I imagine being able to, as I tend to like a few modern comforts...he has simplified to the levels I fantasize about on busy days. He lives in a hobbit house built into a meadow...let your imagination be inspired. I think I may send these on to Ted when I'm done with them, as I bet he would enjoy them too.