Thursday, January 21, 2010

On Travel...

I'm just working on using up more of the pages I filled with written journaling. I usually like to work my own drawing into the pages somehow, but tonight I was just in a cut and paste kind of mood. I think I'm not finished with this yet....

Friday, January 15, 2010


is the theme for this week's Illustration Friday.

This is india ink, sharpie marker, water color pencils and several journal pages collaged together. I'm just making other things out of pages I've written on.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Big Sketchcrawl to Hawaii

So this is what the river two blocks from our house looks like today. Brrrrr! I like snow, but I love the warmth. So this is what I'm planning now:
Yup, I'm going back. When we were there last year, I knew that someday I wanted to go back to Hawaii and have plenty of time to draw. I know I'm no great artist, but when I draw something, it gets burned into my memory in an entirely different way. Later when I look at that drawing in my sketchbook the moment comes back to me in full. Drawing forces you to slow down and really see what you are looking at, as well as fill your senses with the local sounds, smells, feel the breeze and the sun on your back....or hear the rain, feel the chill....whatever is happening around you.

Art Studio on the Porch
Jennifer working on an art project at the lake.

When I got home I immediately started saving and planning to go back...but I needed the perfect traveling who liked to draw too and wouldn't get bored with a slower pace. So of course I thought of my sister Jennifer who also loves to draw. I actually tried to get both of my sisters to go, but Holly has to work, so it will just be me and Jennifer traveling at the end of the month.

We have been planning lots of things to draw, time to visit with friends , maybe meet up with another sketcher, and time to go exploring. We have always wanted to travel together and do some artsy kind of trips, so this is like a dream.

Now I'm starting to consider what art supplies to take. I'm thinking the watercolor Moleskine and the sketchbook Moleskine, watercolor pencils, niji brushes, pitt pens, a few stamps, maybe some little pan watercolors. I like to work small, so I don't think I'm even going to try to bring any large paper. I can pick some up there if I need some. Laura has a good post about some supplies she has loved this year...all of which would travel well. They have to to make it with Laura I think!