Thursday, September 14, 2017

Blues Brothers...It's never too late to mend.

Today I'm working on a page in my own Route 66 travel journal. I'm doing a bit of cut and paste (old school style) with copies of drawings I made recently. I also used some ephemera from the 1960s. This is not finished. I'll add some color, and I left a blank spot on the left because I really would like to drive up to Joliet and sit and sketch the old Joliet prison on site. It's a gem. I hope someday they will have it open for tours!

I fell in love with The Blues Brothers movie long ago, when it first came out, because of the stars (I was a big SNL fan) and especially the music. Later, my kids knew the sound track by heart as toddlers because it was our road trip music. I'd look back and see them in their car seats, their little feet swinging in time to the music.  The movie has many celebrities in it that you might not even know are there if you don't look carefully. Here's a page with some cool Blues Brothers trivia: Fun Facts Blues Brothers.