Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Mail..Mail Art

 It's Friday, so some happy mail is going out. I am not doing heavily doodled envelopes now, because they take a lot of time. I realized I'd have to quit "happy mail" if it took that long to make an envelope. So, this week I painted the envelopes and did a quick stencil. I like them, and I think they'd make good collage bits.
The back side was messy after the painting. So when I cleaned off the stencils, I rubbed the ink right into the stencil again...lighter image, and looks kind of cool. Waste not,  want not.


Carlie Hamilton said...

In my opinion, these are simple yet beautiful. (and by simple I don't mean "easy"!). I love them. Definitely inspiring - I'm taking part of my first mail art at the moment, and I'm a little nervous of doing a "bad" job.

pedalpower said...

Thank you Carlie! I have been nervous about it too, because before I got in on this planner, I'd never done "happy mail." I sure like getting envelopes full of good stuff instead of bills!