Sunday, February 23, 2014

Documented Life Project...collage with recycled items

 For this page I used some Hawaii postcards my neighbor gave me, and some of the paper I printed.

This next page started out the way it looks above. I used a colorful envelope from some "happy mail" and also a scrap of newspaper, and some sheet music. I like it and think it's very pretty, but the challenge was to use recycled items, so I kept adding things and ended up with the collage below.

I tend to mostly have a background and draw on it...since I hardly ever do things that are very layered, I wanted to give that a try. For this one I started with an envelope that I received in "happy mail" from another artist (that's the pink/purple you see). I also used old sheet music that was the original thing I "tipped-in." Next came some money and game pieces from games I picked up on the curb after someone's garage sale. There is also some paper toweling I used to mop up paint as I was printing the other night.
Of course the page was inspired by thoughts of how rich and blessed I am in things that money can't buy.

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