Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Documented Life Art Journal/Planner

This weeks prompt for Documented Life was to doodle a border, so I learned a new border and put it around the tag.. I colored the background of it black, which I like very much. I also sketched my "go to" lunch when I'm at the office. The cracker is cut off the Ritz box and glued on. I've been trying to take some pics through the week of what I'm up to....this week it was cozying up to the fire and exercising.
 This calendar is all about my everyday life, so there will be sketches of what seem to be mundane things. Those ordinary things are what make up our lives, and also the things that might be unusual many years later! Think if you had a calendar or diary of your great-grandparents...their "ordinary" things might be very different from ours today! I know if I draw my laundry equipment, it's going to look very different from what my grandmother used when she did laundry outside with a hired lady who came to help her.
Lately I'm not drawing from photos much, but drawing what is in front of me. On this night it was a large toy that Jeff bought for his granddaughter. It was a fairly complicated subject!

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