Friday, January 03, 2014

Hacked Moleskine

Ok. So, I really liked my the vibe I had going with the cover until I started collaging the pieces together. At one point I used a spray ink (usually a step I love) and I don't like how it dulled everything down. I went back in and brightened up the yellow and orange and white and I like it a bit better now. I think I'll just live with it a while and see if I can embrace a kind of grunge look. :D  After all, it's a planner; I have a whole year to mess around with this!

The spiral stamp and the Route 66 stamp are my first attempts to carve stamps a year or so ago. I like doing it and using my very own stamps, so I'll be doing more of that in the future!

MOVE: This is my word for the year. It means many things to me, including reminding me to get out and move my body, and to travel and grab little adventures whenever I can.


Karen Blados said...

Catching up with you. I think it looks good! Makes me wish I could let go long enough to doodle.

pedalpower said...

I'm learning to loosen up considerably! It's good to "see" you!