Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 3 Prompt...Documented LIfe

 The prompt for week three of the Documented Life Project was to use an envelope from your mail, but I haven't been getting much  mail this week. I did use a postcard I received, and some vintage mail I picked up last week at an antique mall. This little pouch containing a shipping tag was made from one of those vintage envelopes.
 When you pull the shipping tag out, it has a drawing that I did a couple of years's actually from a bigger journal, and I just copied it and printed it out and attached it to the tag.
 Here it is all stretched out. The tag and pouch, the back of a post card from when I ordered Andrea Joseph's book, and some cool stamps and images from a letter posted from Hong Kong in the 1950s.
And this is the other side. My "to do" list ready to be filled, a page about Hawaii with another of my old drawings (Rainbow Falls), the front of Andrea Joseph's postcard, and the back of the shipping tag pouch.

This was fun to play around with! I was able to use my drawings again, which I don't do much, and I played with collage a bit more than I usually do. Mostly I wanted to take the mail theme and connect it to travel.

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