Saturday, June 25, 2005

Street Scene

I am doing it --I am actually drawing daily--and enjoying myself too. This is scene from downtown, but away from the more picturesque square. It started out as just a picture of the tree, but then I decided to fill the page. I drew it on the inside cover of my Moleskine so as not to waste any pages. This another of those midnight drawings-but I am trying not to go to bed until I have drawn something each day.

Believe it or not that store really is called "Lots of Stuff."


Shelly McC said...

Wow! This is a cool drawing!

Anonymous said...

Whats this about worrying about wasting pages? Don't worry about that! You do terrific drawings. Shouldn't be worrying about that.

I just love your street scene. I've yet to really do one of these. Its so much fun to see places I've never been. That store "Lots of Stuff" --smiling:-) Great name, simple yet descriptive.


Joanne said...

Very nice. And I love the tree!

pedalpower said...

Thank you- you all really boost the old confidence! I figure I need to draw on every availabe surface of my sketchbook. I really like the size of the Moleskine, and the weight of the pages.

Pat you should give a street scene a try--those buildings don't walk away from you while you sketch like the people do! LOL