Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Home Again Antiques

For a couple of years my mom and I ran an antiques shop from this building on the square. It was fun but not profitable. So we finally decided to move our stuff to an antique mall nearby. It was sad to close the shop, but now we still sell--we make money, and don't have to be there everyday! Yea! More time to draw!


Anonymous said...

neat, i like!
-patty in md/EDM

Sheila Hudson said...

HI, I wanted to come over here and tell you thank you for the comment on my 'mischief' illustration. I actually had not gotten many comments on it so I thought most people didn't think it fit the theme.
Also glad to read your blog and I plan on visiting regularly!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic drawing of your old antiques store! I really really love this drawing. You know, I always thought it would be a lot of fun to work in either a antiques store or a used bookstore. I love old things and it seems like you'd get to meet a lot of interesting people. Is it as fun as it seems?


Anonymous said...

I really love this drawing. It has a very down-home nostalgic feel to it.

Shelly McC said...

I really love your drawings. This is just another example of your talent. Beautiful.

pedalpower said...

Pat-yes it really is fun, and I love the fun of finding the stuff and arranging it to look nice too. I always wanted to work in a used bookstore too. There is a wonderful used bookstore in Dowagiac Mich. that I will have to draw this summer. I can (and do!) spend hours in there.

Shelia-it amazes me that you did not get more responses to that illio-it's wonderful!

Patty and Ro and Shelly-Thank you so much!

Lindsay said...

I love this drawing. So full of bounce and life! Lindsay