Wednesday, June 22, 2005

EMC #15 Draw Trees

Today was a scorcher so I went down by the river to draw. I saw a bunch of kids jumping from a tree into the river to cool off. I was not brave enough to sketch them. Instead I tried to sketch the opposite bank. I definitely need to try more trees because this was hard--I kept getting lost and losing my place in the foliage. There must be a great way to render greenery- I need to keep my eyes open.

When I got back I decided to try out some colored pencils. My cousin gave me what was left of her set, but I haven't used them, because I really don't have a clue as to how. So I did the coloring book -it did help though because now you can tell that the sun was hitting some areas and others were deep in shade. If anyone knows a good site with colored pencil tips, I would love to have the link!


Shelly McC said...

Nice drawing. Looks like a nice place to sit and draw.

Kathleen Pequignot said...

I like this drawing a lot. I totally understand how one's eye can get lost when drawing or painting plein aire. It sometimes feels overwhelming with so much visual stimuli. But I think you nailed this lovely little corner of the world. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful drawing! I can see why you chose this spot to cool off. Looks very relaxing. Reminds me of a place when I was growing up.

About getting lost in the foliage when drawing..that happens to me too. With trees or say even all the petals in a carnation or full rose. I know what you mean. Sometimes I get around it by deciding to do a smaller view. Don't really have a good solution:-(

Love your drawing!

just pat

pedalpower said...

That is exactly it-- I get overwhelmed with all that is going on visually.
Reminds me of when Barnes and Noble first came to town. I had headaches every time I went in--all those books, how would I ever get to see everthing I wanted to look at before time to leave???? Such pressure!

Anonymous said...

Just google Colored Pencils and you'll get LOTS of great sites. I did this last week :-)

It WAS a gorgeous morning to be outside drawing!!!
Deb Eckmier