Monday, June 06, 2005

Draw Daily

That is my new goal....or my old goal, which I am now trying to actually accomplish. And guess what? I did not draw today, but I will put up a pic out of my sketchbook. Since it is midnight, drawing daily will commence in the morning.

This is a sketch done from an old photo of my daughter and nephew. They sure grow fast.


Lindsay said...

Welcome! I am new too. I just starred my blog last week. I have no idea how you did this with a little child at home! I've been so obsessed! My family is sick of having grilled cheese sandwhiches. But at least I 'm set up now.
I like your drawings. Hope to see more.
Great motivator isen't it?

pedalpower said...

Hi Lindsay---I don't have a little one at home--my youngest is 14. That was drawn from an old pic. I visited your blog--very nice!