Monday, June 20, 2005

#1-Draw a Shoe and #18 Draw What is Outside the Window

I wonder why some days it is so much harder to draw (see) than other days. But I am leaving what I draw so I can see what happens when drawing everyday.

I am drawing in pen because I am trying to not get hung up on all the erasing I do when I draw in pencil.


Anonymous said...

i like both the view from your window and the shoes... \

here is what is funny, i can so relate to the bifocal thing & i just drew the magnifying glass i am now using :)

patty (edm group)

Shelly McC said...

These are excellent drawings. I love the shoes one esp.

Kelley said...

I have to agree with the other comments...both drawings are wonderful. I find the shoe drawing makes me smile for some reason! Look forward to you posting more of your work. (edm group too)

Jim Bumgarner said...

VEry nice images both. I like the clean lines in the shoes and how you've draped the right over the left. The view through the door is colorful and nicely portrayed (I find green plants damningly hard to do!). Don't fret, no one sees what you see as weaknesses; you're the only one. I know, I see all of mine all of the time and I hate them, but over time I'm learning to just go with it...Thanks for sharing.

pedalpower said...

Patty, Shelly, Kelly, and Jim, thank you so much for your comments. I feel better after your encouragement! Sometimes when I draw and it isn't going as I like, I start wondering why I am even doing this. Then of course when it is going well I'm on cloud nine! It is nice to know that others can just enjoy the drawing and not focus on what might be wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

What's not to love about these drawings? If they were mine, I'd love them. They make a nice spread in your journal and contain good memories/future memories. About the bifocals...I got bifocals a couple years ago. Never could adjust to the darn things. If I actually wore them to drive I'd probably get in an accident, LOL I went instead to the drugstore and bought reading was like heaven. I couldn't believe how much better and clearer everything came in.

Love your work!

just pat

Joanne said...

Those shoes are awesome! I am hoping to get started on the past EDM challenges this week and your shoes are an inspiration. I also like the way you drew the foliage in the next drawing. Neat linework.

And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments.