Saturday, May 03, 2014

More calendar pages...

The first week was a busy one and does not include a Documented Life Project prompt, because somehow I did two on previous spread.
I had to have a go at drawing the great vintage sign at Merichka's in Joliet. We had a great dinner there, and I'll be drawing that sign again one day, I'm sure.
 This last week the Documented Life Project prompt was to use a quote you like. I chose one about mermaids, because if I were some kind of fantasy being, I'd be a mermaid, of course.  This was a busy week of traveling with my dad to deliver things to Jeff's new home. It was a whirlwind trip, but fun to see where he will be living and also to see parts of Arkansas I'd never seen before. We took the train home, which I rather liked!! I learned that I was not far from the boyhood home of Warren Ludwig and his wonderful mother Miz Dee. Someday maybe I will get to stop in and meet Miz Dee in person!
Dad and I stopped at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall on Route 66...what a great place. Visit there if you get the chance!

I almost feel like I cheated on this spread. Why? Because all that beautiful background and the cool stickers came from some "happy mail" I received from Lorraine Bell. The background was the envelope! Check out her website. She does such beautiful work. Thanks Lorraine, for the beautiful package!


Warren Ludwig said...

Glad you had a good trip, Joyce. And what a surprise to see a nice comment about me and my Mom, Miz Dee! I was looking at Jeff's house in Magnolia. Definitely looks like many homes down there...brick...and a carport, instead of a garage! Hope he likes living down's a nice little town.

Anonymous said...

SOh, my, so flattered to be mentioned in your blog. If you come back our way, and I am able by then, I'll drive over to see you! Can't think of anyone I'd rather meet!
Miz Dee