Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Converse Chucks...Documented Life Challenge

The challenge last week was to incorporate your favorite shoes. I was thrilled with that challenge, because I'd just taken some pics of my feet up by a Smoky Mountain stream in my well loved Chucks (all my Chucks are well loved).
 Then I finished out the pages by adding maps from brochures, and pictures I took that week. The round stamps that look like postmarks are national park stamps. They have them at the information desks of all the national parks, and you can stamp your books or drawings for free. I also found that some of the bags they pack your souvenirs in are plain and some are printed with the map of the park, so I started asking for the ones that were printed. The drawing with the orange background is an old journal page featuring my converse sneakers, so I reduced it and taped it in.
The backs of the taped in pieces have other photos and parts of postcards glued to them so that they are interesting when flipped open. This is a small book, but I'm managing to squeeze a lot of memories in there.
My planner is starting to get pretty thick! I'm thinking before they year is over, I'll have to rebind it...that will be another new thing to learn!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce: welcome back !!!! your DLP pages are wonderful : ) what a neat/fun trip - I too love my converse sneaks but can't wear them for long, they rub in the wrong places - ohhh wellll : ) Oh, love the pic of your little journal - WOW - it's packed already to the brim can't wait to see how you re-bind it : )

Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )