Thursday, May 08, 2014

Three Rivers

This is a piece that was commissioned. I wanted to incorporate elements of the recipient's Native American heritage. All the elements have meaning, the ledger paper I drew the Indian on, the map, the stars, the 7 feathers, the arrowheads.  It was interesting trying to get it all to work together. The customer was very happy with it, and that makes me happy!
I wanted to use the 7 feathers, and I also wanted to make them look a bit magical, and the "zentangle" or doodling seemed to fit the bill. The little dots and circles are to represent the make them kind of swirl around the piece.

I loved making these feathers and will be making more of them, I'm sure!
I drew this hunter from the image on the website. I tried to find multiple images to work from, but the one on the Sappony website was the only image I found of a Sappony Indian. I went ahead and drew from it, since I wanted the Indian to be accurate for that tribe, and not a generic image.  So, I did him in ink on vintage ledger paper, and antiqued the edges a bit with ink from a stamp pad.

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