Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Calendar Ready to Go

I was so busy on the car that my May calendar went by the wayside. So June is ready to go. Sometimes you just need something soothing and mindless to do, and making flowers like these is just the ticket. I've got lots planned this month, and I figure coloring these in while watching a movie will be an equally soothing activity. The green bits are pieces of color card samples for paint. I like them, but I think I'll use a super fine Sharpie to write on each day. I don't think the India ink I used will ever really dry. It is not blotting off, but if you run your finger across it, it will smear just a bit.


Samarjit Roy said...

Are you going for the whole year?

Unknown said...

there's so mcuh good stuff here! glad i stumbled upon this. :) don't lose your joy of drawing!