Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Every Day in May

I'm following the prompts to make a little sketch every day in May. If you want to join in, the prompt list is here and there is also a flickr group sharing their May sketches. I'm doing mine in a little pocket Moleskine that has just enough pages left to do 31 days. I'm trying to keep them all fast too...a quick and easy way to practice really seeing what's in front of me.
May 1: Draw a bar of soap
May 2: Draw a power cord

May 3: Draw some exercise equipment
May 4: Draw salt and pepper shakers


Peggy said...

Is this in addition to the calendar? I love to see your work!

pedalpower said...

Yes, this is in addition to the calendar, but I'm just spending a few minutes on these. They are just like warming up your muscles for the real workout ahead!

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

I like the bike, makes me want to go biking down to the market (just have to get a nice basket first)... They are all nice shetches, and its a neat project.

Unknown said...

I want to ride that bike with the beautiful blooms in the basket. Neat sketches!