Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Mexico and Arizona, Route 66

Today I went from New Mexico to Arizona, stopping at the Jackrabbit Trading Post. They have a giant rabbit so of course I had to put that on my car.

The Jackrabbit Trading Post used to have huge signs teasing travelers for hundreds of miles before reaching this store. Now there are just a few left, but they are eyecatching. And I added another Burma Shave slogan  (just because I love them):
To kiss
a mug
that's like a cactus
takes more nerve
than it does practice.
Burma Shave

I put a California attraction up today too...the Wigwam Motel. They say there are two Wigwam Motels left along Route 66, one in California and one in Arizona. In all, there were seven wigwam villages across the USA, and now there are three. You certainly don't see sights like this very often these days!

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