Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playing with the Printer

I'm playing around with some drawings I've done in the past. I want to use them to create some Route 66 post cards and also some art for the wall on little canvases. The original is can see that it's a pretty good sized drawing for's on 10x12 paper.

I'm glueing some vintage book pages to print the gas station image on. I know if I was a whiz with computers I could do all this digitally, but I'm not, so here I am, worrying about running this through my new printer. Yikes! Afer I glued it down, I knocked the text back a little with some creamy/umbery, watered down acrylic.

It worked! The old paper soaks up the ink differently than new paper so I lost some detail (you can see the difference below). That might actually be OK though, for what I have in mind for the canvas. I may have to learn to do the layers thing for the postcards though. Sigh.


Kuky said...

Love how this looks.

. said...

Love it, the vintage paper gives the image that good old charm to it...