Friday, March 11, 2011

Odell Gas Station on Route 66

This is the Standard Oil Gas Station in Odell. It's just about 10 minutes north of Old City Hall Shoppes on Route 66. It's beautifully restored, and if you get a chance you should pull up and have a picture taken of you and your car!

I'm trying to learn to make decent image transfers so I can get that transparent look while still using my drawings. This one is a packing tape transfer. It turned out pretty good.  At certain angles, you can still see the edges of the packing tape, and I'm not crazy about that, so I have a couple other methods I'm trying also.

Here's a picture of that gas station back in the day:


Jennifer said...

I love this. Great job.--Jenn

Clare /aka/ Mummushka said...

Gorgeous Journal page! Thanks also for the Packing Tape T/fer instructions.