Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Using one of those pages from yesterday, and a quote from Emerson. The moth is out of a vintage children's dictionary, and some child had traced around it so many times I didn't even have to cut it out. I just pulled on it and it came free from the page! I picked up the clock face at an antique shop.

And I have a fantastic video to share with you. It was made by Irina Dakeva...animated with 2000 handpainted watercolors. Amazing!


noeste said...

Hehe, amazing video, very cool effects.

I really like your newest journal page, looks like the project is shaping up nicely! It looks professional, without being cold and manufactured.

Jennifer Devine said...

Amazing video. What will people think of next. Such a cool animation!

I like your new page a lot! Love that clock face, so pretty.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!