Monday, March 21, 2011

Journal Backgrounds with alcohol

No, that does not mean I'm drinking while painting (though you can achieve some novel effects that way!). I read about how watercolor painters sometimes spray alcohol on wet paint to get an interesting effect. I decided to try it with watered down acrylic. Pretty cool.

This one had a base coat of dry pink paint. I went over it with watered down blue acrylic and quickly sprayed rubbing alcohol on heavily. After it sat a few moments, I tipped it up to get some drips. Very moody, eh?

This one had an orangey red undercoat. I coated it with watered down yellow, and sprayed a fine mist.

Here's another cool way to use alcohol for your journal backgrounds.

These are interesting, but if you try them, use your common sense about not breathing any mist, etc. Have fun and be safe :)

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Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

Thats really neat and I like the effect it has when you made it drip. The yellow orange one is very nice, kind of reminds me of old style of trying to make the look of wood. Very nice!!