Friday, April 07, 2006

List Friday....foods that freak me out

At Pomergranates and Paper they ask you to list a few things each week.

Here are foods that freak me out:
1 mushrooms--yucky texture
2 mussells, clams, oysters--yucky texture
3 olives--yucky texture
4 liver-yucky texture and taste
5 cooked cabbage-if you can't get it past your nose, you shouldn't eat it
6 brussel sprouts--same as above
7 raw tomatos-yucky texture, but great if cooked in something!
8 sushi-raw meat...eewww


Laura said...

Girl, I love every one of those things! You should taste my steamed and shredded cabbage with sea salt, a bit of French butter, freshly grated nutmeg and black pepper, a small lashing of cream. My husband, a former cabbage-hater loves it!

Lindsay said...

hahahahaha.I totally agree with you about the shell fish!YUCK

starr said...

too funny - i, too, love almost all of those things. and i will have to try laura's cabbage - sounds so yummy!

my freaky foods are someone else's favorites, i'm sure!

fun journal entry!