Friday, October 07, 2005

Blind Contour Friday

I decided to blind contour my son sitting on the couch, and in the process I defaced him! So I drew his face again. He has a bad habit of sitting around with no shirt. Yuck....I mean he is cute, but ....why do guys like to sit around like that? And of course, I am a naggy mom and keep after him to put a shirt on. Could it be he just likes to drive me nuts? Nah.


Karen Winters said...

Joyce I do this all the time when I'm drawing people - I get so caught up in going around the whole body that by the time I get back to the head I can't remember if I drew the face (or ear or whatever) at all. My son's name is Mike also!
I like the way you incorporated his arm and hand into one gesture. The portrait is cool, too.

Laura said...

These are just the perfect blind contour drawings---spontaneous and quirky! I smiled at your text, too---sons will be sons, won't they ;D?

Lindsay said...

I think a son's job is to drive his mother crazy. Mine certainly did befor leaving for school. But I hear they improve with age like fine wine! These are really great!

Brian said...

Speaking as a son myself ... give the guy some points for wearing pants!

Donna said...

Ha ha, Brian's comment!!

And your text was funny too "what happened to his head?" !! I like the fact he doesn't have a face, and that you re-drew it separately. I think it looks great.

pedalpower said...

Hey Brian, I guess you're could be worse!

Karen, Laura, Lindsay, Donna...I guess you're right...he's just doing what boys do! He's a pretty great kid, I think I'll keep him!