Sunday, October 23, 2005

Artist Date: City Museum, St. Louis

Wow, what fun!

Holy mackerel, if you have never been to City Museum in St. Louis, MO, take yourself on a date and go! It was so cool. A wonderland created by artists- out of all kinds of found materials and built inside and outside of an old factory. I was on overload the whole time I was there.

Click here for a really cool video tour. The place is literally a blast for kids from 2-92. We took our exchange student and my 65 year old mom with us. Full of slides, tunnels, falling water, and huge jungle gyms.

This is part of the huge jungle gym built on the outside. It also has a sculpture garden (with fire pits) and tavern underneath this. The place stays open til one am and we noticed a that after about 8 the kiddies went home and the teens-adults came out full force.

Lot of cool caves to walk and crawl through. If you use your flash or come after dark when these are lit by candlelight you can see the cool cave drawings.

These are a whole series of amazing spiral slides from 2 to many stories high and dimly lit (somehow that does add to the fun!). Look closely and you can see my 65 year old mom coming out of a 3 story high slide.

Here is a squid or octopus or something mosaiced on the floor. The place is covered in mosaics made out of tile, pennies, little gears, china--cool! They also used parts of old buildings-they have two reception halls that are awesome-made with huge parts of old buildings.

My pics don't really do it justice, but the video tour gives you a neat taste of what is there. Oh yeah, we also went up in the arch and visited a great old neighboorhood with fabulous old buildings. I took lots of pics I hope to draw from.


u l a n said...

hi! thanks for visiting my paperjournal blog =)

this museum looks like something i'd enjoy! i especially like that mosaic floor! too bad i'm all the way here in the philippines.

moi said...

This museum is so inspiring- gives a person TONS of ideas for all sorts of media work! You're so lucky to live close enough to visit, but the virtual tour is great!