Friday, May 06, 2016

Stamp Carving

 Today I got out my stamp carving kit (the lunch box) and carved an itty bitty highway shield. I'm not a good enough carver to carve the little sixes in it. I tried, but it was a mess, so I carved them out. It's nice when you can just carve away mistakes!
This is why I got started doing this today. I have some new Christmas ornaments to sell. One is of my art car, and the other one is a David Alan Badger drawing of the Old City Hall. I wanted to have a little shield on them and there was room on the back, if I made it small. David Alan Badger put these together for me, and I like how he has packaged them in the little bags.

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Michelle Morlan said...

How fun!! Love the variety it adds to art work!