Friday, April 03, 2015

Mixed Media Invades My Sewing!

 I  know I have kept this blog all about painting and drawing and have been pretty strict about it. But now the paints and stamp carving and drawing have started seeping over into other things. Like these aprons. Many of you know I own a souvenir shop on Route 66. I wanted to make Route 66 aprons for the shop. I made a couple, and I loved upcycling the blue jeans, but they looked so plain.......and then it hit me....paints and stamping and doodling!
 So I started stamping some with the stamp I carved not long ago. I used a waterproof ink of course. And then polka dots seemed a good idea, so I added them with acrylic paints for fabric.
 I think they are pretty spunky in that Daisy Duke kind of way, with the blue jeans and ruffles.

 I bought a few pens that are for painting on dark fabrics and they worked pretty well.
This one has the small Route 66 stamp I carved a few years ago.

 I've got a few more almost done. The shop is going to have more things I've made in it this year than it ever has before. I hope people find them appealing!

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