Thursday, April 23, 2015

Faces from the shop

 This is a young man I met at my shop. He was very upbeat and fun....and he was looking at a country music CD when he told me the story on the page. Then he wanted to know about the singer on the CD. Right at that moment the singer walked in, and they had their picture made together and talked about music for a while. It's a small world!

 This is another customer at the shop. She is from Germany, and you can read the story on the page in the picture below. I'm not happy with this drawing, but it's another one of the 100 done. I cannot figure out shading on faces yet...especially on women. If you leave it crosshatching it looks like whiskers, but I'm not fond of the blended look that I get with a paper stump either. I'll have to hit youtube and see what I can learn.

This is a beautiful redhead I saw on pinterest. I erased quite a bit and it got kind of smudgy, but I like her anyway. Her right eye is rather small.

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