Monday, November 24, 2014

Face 2/100

Here is my second face. If you'd like to join the fun of drawing faces check out the facebook group: studio7ARTacademy. This one is another one drawn from a photo of me in my new hat taken last year.

I've been looking online, finding youtube videos that show how to divide up the head so that the features fall in approximately the right spots. That helps. I am nervous and freeze up when trying to draw the nose, especially.  Laura Frankstone draws wonderful faces. She had a post once in which she reminded us that the nose has shape and architecture. I'm working towards capturing that. Maybe by face 100, I'll get a hold of that idea and be braver!

This is drawn on a piece of map that I'd taped into my Moleskine pocket planner. I put some thinned out gesso over it to knock it back a bit before I drew and painted the face.


Warren Ludwig said...

Good for you Joyce! Faces are a challenge…but you are doing the right thing by watching videos on how to break down everything to simpler shapes and planes. You might even consider playing with pencils some too…going straight to ink is HARD when it comes to the subtleties of shading a face. Keep it up…you're doing great!!

pedalpower said...

I will play with pencils some too. I kind of gave them up a long time ago, because I become the timid, eraser mad person who never finishes a drawing. However, I can see that the softer shading would be great for faces.