Sunday, September 18, 2011


Jennifer and I explored the north end of the island one day. This area has quite a few galleries and we tried to visit as many as possible. We visited the gallery at the Bamboo Restaurant, and I wish we had been there at dinner time, because it gets very good reviews and it was a very cute place. On the way home we parked on the coastline and watched the whales play and the sun set.
Across the street from the Bamboo Restaurant were several places to stop for a treat, including the Kava Kafe, which I sketched from my photo later that evening.


Yvonne said...

Love the Kava Cafe sketch! & Boobie brownies?? LOL :)

alarmcat said...

hi. just found your blog. love your drawings about hawaii. i've been there a couple am loving your sketches/journal entries. very nice :)

Clare said...

Oh Wow! Whale watching in the sunset.........I am jealous!! Great memories, sketched beautifully!!!