Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little belated drawing action for Valentine's Day!

I've been trying draw more people and here's one from a page of my art journal. I avoid drawing people, but this year, I'm trying to do some of the things that scare me. I'm starting to have a little more success making the humans look....well, human. :D  Maybe one of these days, I'll actually attempt to draw people in poses where their faces show too!

I love it when I come across videos and such with some drawing action. This one has some wonderful artwork/animation. And it has a sweet song too!


Jennifer Devine said...

Thanks, that makes me smile.

zu said...

I understand you perfectly, cause I used to avoid drawing people too.. but some time ago I said to myself - enough, it's time to learn how to do this ;)

(If I made any mistakes, please correct me cause English is not my mother tonque ;))