Friday, February 18, 2011

Alone Time

I've friends who say they never like to be alone. I love being with my friends, but I'm one of those who needs that alone time. Good thing too, because not many people would want to hang around while I draw. It's mostly a pleasant pastime, but it takes a while and it occasionally involves cursing.

I'm still trying to draw people. Some days it seems to click and some it doesn't. I just keep plugging along and figure one of these days, I will have drawn enough people that it will come easier. Practice really does pay off! Some of the things I'm realizing:
  • that I tend to leave the back of peoples heads not deep enough to house a brain
  • and that feet and hands are almost always bigger than you think. 
I may still work on this page some more, but that will have to wait for another day. I'm off to go outside and enjoy this weather!


Jennifer said...

This is pretty Joyce!

. said...

Very nice... And I can relate to the "me time and alone time", its a must or I can get pretty moody.

Jacki Carr said...

Hello Joyce,
I love the image. Could I use it for one of my blog posts with a photo credit to you:

See link and let me know. I am happy to remove.

Jacki Carr