Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Corner Drug Store

Today I took Louie with me so he could get some exercise too. He used to looooves to go for a walk, but can't go as far as we used to because of arthritis. When I got home I tried to color it because I liked that red awning so much, but I really did not know what I was doing or how to make it look like night. Some colors were showing because of the street lamps, but there was also a lot of grays going on. The building is made of brick that is shiny white glazed. I'd like to take a watercolor class someday to learn some of this stuff....it takes a long time to reinvent the wheel, er, watercolor.
It was drizzley weather but nice and cool for walking. We walked about 2 miles.


Anonymous said...

The awning, the street light and the photo of Louie all give this a Parisian feel. Who needs to catch a plane elsewhere when you have all this on your doorstep!

Anonymous said...

It's a super drawing (even if it doesn't match the colours - does it need to?) Louie is gorgeous - I love meeting bloggers pets (they are family members really, aren't they?!)

Anonymous said...

Louie is tr�s cute! You're both going to benefit from this new regime. I'm loving all this walking.