Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Louie and Colleen

Here is Colleen and Louie. Louie really needs a haircut! He is a standard poodle...about 75 pounds of poodle. He is 10 and has a little arthritis these days. He is the best dog I've ever had....loads of personality and fun....and sometimes a little too smart for his own good!

You can see a couple more of my drawings from today here.


Penny said...

I am wandering around blogs, how do you dind the time for so many? I used to have miniature poodles, they were great sheep dogs, love standards but seem to be stuck with pugs Penny from South Australia

Kathleen Pequignot said...

Lovely line drawings of your favorite subjects! What a treasure you are creating. :)

Anonymous said...

I called my girls in to see your Louie. We have a 1 yr old goldendoodle, that is mostly poodle with a retriever tail. He needs a haircut too and he looks very much like your Louie.
Thanks for helping me have a family moment here. It is so difficult with older kids.

helendoupine said...

Very lovely!I like it!
Envy you!