Friday, February 27, 2015

Wow...I have an art studio!

 I have a cute little 9.5x9.5 room off of my living room. When I moved here, anytime we couldn't figure out where something went, it ended up it was a heap, and I've never had it set up to use. Last night I sorted though things, and made myself a little art room.
I bought this large easel at an estate auction a few years ago. It was in a big old house that had a lot of great arty things. It's oak and extremely sturdy and on of my best ever finds! I didn't think I'd win it at the auction, but I ended up getting it for just 65 dollars. For a while I had it in the shop displaying paintings, and I've had several artists come in and make me very good offers, but I want to see if I like working large before I sell it. It would cost a lot to replace it, and I have a feeling that I just might love making large paintings.
 This is a little railroad hat/coat rack. Very cute, and it makes for good storage with the bags hanging there.
 Last summer I found the 7up box with my name on it (literally!) and it stores scraps of papers that I use in mixed media pieces. The lunch boxes hold stamp carving supplies, and stamps.
 I love this little table I bought from another dealer at Old City Hall Shoppes in Pontiac. The enamel top cleans up real well after painting.
 The top piece is by an Brandi Evans of Dowagiac, Michigan. The bottom one is by me :D
 More little drawers and cubbies picked up at flea markets.
 Canvases...some are painted up with backgrounds and ready to be transformed.

 Here's the top of my little table. Love the red! Another organizer made from part of an old tool box.
 This is a big old cupboard...taller than me, that I found on the curb. When we got it home, we realized it must be pretty old, as it's all put together with square nails. The doors were missing when we found it, so we added more shelves and I painted the inside with chalkboard paint.
I am so used to working at the dining room table, that it might take some getting used to to start working in here.  After this busy weekend, I'll be trying it out!

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Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

Super neat space you carved out for yourself, love all the old wood and Arts & Crafts style design in there (its a lovely house).

You should post your studio with the yearly "Where Bloggers Create" party on line (I hope it runs again this year).

Great post & thanks for sharing it!!