Sunday, October 21, 2012

In the beginning...

I'm starting some new pieces today. I primed and then gathered together some vintage papers to use as  a base.

I glued some on the artist panel. Eventually, I'll paint over these papers, and add more vintage paper, but bits of this print will still peek though. It adds a nice bit of depth. In these I've got vintage checks, trading stamps books, play money, foreign phone book pages, ledger pages, and pages from an old stamp collectors book. I like to do several at a time while I've got my brush full of glue.

Now to let them dry, and get out the paints! Some of these will have a Route 66 theme, and I've included papers from Dwight since it's along the old road, Others are a mystery, even to me. Sometimes I get ideas about what the subject will be after I see how the colors turn out.

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. said...

Love it and sure is inspirational, I so have to get going with my art too... Been missing it and so busy that I had to put things off, been collecting old scrap papers and have lots of ideas... Now I just have to find the time. Looking forward to see what you will do next with these, exciting!!!