Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Route 66...

This time we have the Gemini Giant from Wilmington, IL and Del Rhea's Chicken Basket from Willowbrook, IL. Since I started drawing Route 66 sights I have really become fond of the signs and advertising gimmicks used along the old road. Creative and fun ways to draw attention!
These are done just like I draw them in my travel journals...wonky, fun little drawings of sights along the way. I used a bit of border from a vintage map around the sides of these two. They are painted on 5x5 inch artist panels that are 3/4 inch deep. You can see the beginnings of these pieces in the previous post.

Here's the Gemini Giant who stands in front of the Launching Pad Restaurant in Wilmington. I carved my first stamp (the Route 66 shield) and used it on this one. I'm sure I'll be carving more stamps. It was fun, and I need to practice a bit more to get control of that knife.

I hear Del Rhea's Chicken Basket has some of the best chicken in Illinois. Next time I'm up that way, I'm going to stop in and check it out. They sure have a great old neon sign!

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