Friday, February 22, 2008

Drawing Vintage

I'm drawing at the shop, and there's plenty of old interesting stuff to draw! I have lots of these old cabinet cards and I may start drawing these faces from the past. I'd be good practice...and none of the subjects will care if the drawings turn out or not!
This is a cute little sterling pin. I was trying to capture the reflective quality of the metal. This will be EDM challenge #32: Draw something metallic.


wagonized said...

Nice work! Your rendering of the sterling pin is very well done -- and i like your choice of blue to do this with.

Anita Davies said...

Lovely work, what a great shop to work in.

Margaret Ann said...

Isn't is fun when your "work" combines together those things you really love to do? I truly enjoyed this entry-on many levels. Nice drawings. I've seen so many of those "lost" antique photos sitting in bins at antique markets-so forlorn and lonely. I always wonder who they were, what their life's experiences were like, etc. Lovely that you have given them a new life and a new home in your sketchbook...I LOVE that!

I peeked through all throughout your blog today and was delighted to see the Morton Arboretum post. I love that place...and wasn't able to get back to Il to see the Patrick Dougherty twig construction...I had heard about it coming up and now through you was able to see it first cool is that?!!

Lastly I adore that calendar!!!!!

pedalpower said...

Thanks for the comments. Margaret Ann, I'm glad I could show you the Dougherty was fantastic.

Margaret Ann said...

Hey there, Pedalpower :)

I just wanted you to know that I just presented you an award on my blog. TA DAAA! Hope you enjoy it! :)

Teri C said...

Wonderful sketch of that pin and the vintage photos also!! Great job!