Saturday, March 24, 2007

EDM #86 Traffic Sign

Route 66 is quite the tourist attraction...which seems kind of amazing because you kind of have to hunt for the old time tourist attractions and restaurants that are left. It draws a lot of people from Europe who tour the road.


Felicity Grace said...

Just came by to check if maybe my blogarithms link wasn't working - it's very quiet here! Are you near Route 66? I saw it on TV recently and couldn't believe it was just a secondary route now. Hope you are still drawing!

Andrea said...

great drawing to start the summer off! road trips are tops!

Robyn Sinclair said...

What a great sign to be able to sketch - makes me feel young again! Terrific Blogs you have Pedalpower, and thank you for visiting mine.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those secret readers who checks in but never comments. But I think it's time to come right out and admit that I am a big fan of yours - I love your drawings! Looking forward to your next post:)

pedalpower said...

Thanks to all of you for checking in on me. I'm still here, but have been swamped by life lately. I'm picking up the pen again though.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, and worthy challenge!!

I'd love to see you try a very very blunt drawing tool- say a fat oil stick or compressed charcoal. I bet if you stayed away from lines for a while, working only in thick clumsy areas of marks, good things might happen. Shapes, masses, light might take on a new strength. Then when you return to line some time later, you would expect new things from it (and new speed too.)

Also, you'd love

You may like to check out some of my drawings, too.

Derek Gores

R K said...

When I was young, I used to think I lived on Route 66...because the TV show (of the same name) filmed an episode in my hometown. My little mind couldn't conceive of why they were there otherwise.
You drawing this sign is a perfect example (to me) of the value of these EDM challenges...thanks.