Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Good, the bad, and the ugly

This weekend was full of family fun and visiting relatives. One evening our whole family met a my sister's house for pizza and dessert, and I drew this bust that was sitting on an end table. The face looked tough, so I decided to draw the back of it--hey that turned out pretty good! Then I turned it around and gave the face a try-yikes! Poor lady, she really is quite lovely in person! Then I finished off with a blind contour of her.


Lisa said...

Hi Joyce -- This is beautiful. It's a good thing you drew the view that turned out best first, when you had the energy and initial interest. Stunning.

Bonny said...

That is a really nice drawing! I haven't tried faces much either. I did a bronze bookend once for art class in which the head was tilted down - looking into his lap - that was challenging!!

Great job!