Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Little Stamp Carving

I created a new postcard for the shop by using a close up of a page of my Route 66 travel journal. I used the computer to add in the town and to identify the bus as Bob Waldmire's land yacht and to add a Route 66 shield. I like how it turned out, except that yesterday I realized I forgot to put a signature or a line to identify myself as the artist. I ordered 500 of these and they only sell for 50 cents, so I sure didn't want to sign them all by hand. So, today I got out the carving tools and made a little stamp to fit in a space on the back. I am a very inexperienced stamp carver and it shows, but I still like the handmade look of it. I used Vistaprint to make these using their standard paper.


Miz Dee said...

Just want you to know I visited! Wonderful, Joyce!

pedalpower said...

Thank you Miz Dee!