Thursday, March 05, 2015


 I decided to do some pages with Bible verses that I like. I like verses that speak of the strength and joy that comes from God. This will also use repeating shapes in response to the Documented Life prompt.  I also haven't done the 5 layers prompt and this could be for that too. This first layer is blue and yellow paint applied with a credit card.
 The second layer is some ledger paper and some gelli printed paper I made a while back.
 Now we are getting into some repeating elements (circles) finger painted on. Also some yellow repeated in stripes also finger painted.
 Here I've added some highlights and shadows on some of the circles
Next are some doodling and lettering and sketching.  Lots more circles.The photo is one I purchased years ago at an auction when I bought a bunch of glass negatives. Someone had made a print of this one...two little girls painting at easels in what looks like a parlor.

Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above. ~James 1:7

This could refer to gifts of many kinds, but in this case I was thinking of artistic gifts or talents. I used to wish I had more practical gifts like people who are doctors or nurses or carpenters. Over the years I've learned to appreciate that we are all given such different gifts!

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