Sunday, February 17, 2013

She sells seashells down by the seashore.

More doodling around on Bingo cards. I still might add some watercolor to the seashells. Makes me think of nice sandy beaches and warm sun on this cold day!
 Small pieces that have to be seen close up to catch the background, which is made with paints plus ephemera including maps and trading stamps.


Clare said...

Oh I say, It has been a long time since I visited your blog......And I have been missing out on so much 'eye candy'. Your painting, sketching and drawing is as beautiful as ever. Yay, keep it up.

Warren Ludwig said...

Hello, Joyce. This may seem rather random to be writing you. I almost didn't, but the thought to see what happens next (if anything) just keeps making the rounds in my head. So...I'm just going to follow through. You don't need to post this, if you want to write back via email. (

You had left a nice comment on my blog way back in August of 2011. (Okay...I'm a bit late in responding!!) I was reading a post that came up today (on my "Tabletop Gaming - Mammoth Cave" post from 2011). It was right next to your comments.

You had said that you had found my blog through a connection with my MOM ("Miz Dee" Ludwig). She has quite a network of fellow sketchers on FLICKR, so I'm guessing it was from there. I'm also a big fan of Danny Gregory, and follow his blog (as do you). I'm heading down south at the end of the week to visit Mom, and go sketching with her. Will probably post the results on my blog later, if they turn out.

Anyway...long way around just to say "hello" and follow up on my "impulsive" notions to write and see if you reply. Happy Sketching!
-Warren of "Ludstuff"