Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is my little studio/office/dressing room. I just finished the curtains for this room tonight. I'm loving this little room now that I'm getting it into usable shape. It's very cozy.
Right through that door is the downstairs bathroom....great for cleaning out paint brushes! Behind where I stood to take this picture is a couple of big bookshelves full of art supplies and office supplies...and books! Maybe I'll get a pic of that tomorrow.


Unknown said...

It's important to have that sink handy my art workspace is in the basement so I have to carry messy painting stuff up to the kitchen. Which is probably why I lean heavily on markers. Have fun creating.

Lisa Richards said...

Love your cozy studio! I have a table in the corner of my bedroom with a little cabinet to hold some sketchbooks and supplies. I like canning jars to hold pencils and pens. You'll have such a great time in this nice area! Happy drawing!

Zach said...

That is such a nice space, I know that right now I am in a dorm and it is driving me crazy to not have a small space to call my own. Great content.

Thanks Again