Saturday, August 06, 2011

On Focus and Organization

Here is a little more of the journal that AnicaAnscott and I are making together. The journal is about what keeps us from being as creative as we'd like, and learning what will help us achieve our creative goals. 
I have always fought disorganization and distraction. But lately, while I'm trying to pare down on clutter and get organized, I'm learning to embrace my a certain extent. I have several projects going at once and move from one to the other as the mood strikes me.Working this way seems to keep things interesting and fresh, and improves my concentration. I also learned that I'm not the girl to be painting with oil paints or other media that take a long time to dry. I'm just a bit too impatient for that, and lose interest.

This page started with an illustration of a closet from a children's book that AnicaAnscott put in place when she created the journal. I took it from there. I should start taking pics of how it looked when I started, and then when I finish. When the journal is full, I'll post an album with all our pages together.


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

What a great page to organize your thoughts. I too am a disorganized person and get distracted very easily, often I find I have to pray to God to help me get focused.
I have also discovered that I do not like working with oils and things that take too long to dry - impatient as well.
Hugs and blessings.

Jack said...

Do you think everyone is capable of doing something like this? I find astounishing what people can do with their hands. I just saw this one here Drawings Paintings Prints
I really would like to learn something like this... Following your posts, everyone should do it.

pedalpower said...

Thanks for the comments Kelly and Jack. Jack, I do think that anyone can enjoy art journaling! It's all about expressing yourself. I use lots of drawing in my journals and I find that drawing is easier and easier, the more you do it. Some people hardly ever draw, but instead compose their pages through's another wonderful way of creating art. Sometimes I do both!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Dear Joyce,

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog posts, and for sending me the photo of your powder room. The maps look amazing in there!

I did hike to the green sand beach on the Big Island. Tough hike (because it is 4 miles on sand!) but definitely worth it!

I am so very happy we met through the blog world! I really admire your work!
I would love to feature you as one of my Friday Favorites if it is okay with you. I think your work would inspire a lot of my readers!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!