Saturday, July 23, 2011

20 Wishes

Here is an old project I've been meaning to post about. Back in 2008 Jennifer and I were at the lake and we read a novel called 20 Wishes. It was about a group of women who decided to make a list of things they wished for themselves, and what happens in their lives afterwards.
 Jennifer working on her list of 20 Wishes and a bit of mine started on the bottom.

Well, pretty soon everyone at the cottage was working on their list. It turned out to be harder for most of us than you would think...because there were a couple of rules:
  1. The wishes have to be for yourself. Most of us had trouble with this. We'd say things like "I wish for my children to be happy" or "I wish my husband could open the bike shop he dreams about."
  2. The wishes could be as wild and outlandish as you like, but they had to be something you could have some power to other words no "I wish I would win the lottery." but you could wish "I'd like to make a fortune in real estate." You could not wish for good health (lots of that is out of your control), but you could wish "to be an appropriate weight" or "to be strong and fit."
Anyway, it was fun, and revealing in lots of ways. We wrote down things we'd never written down before, and dreamed for ourselves, which was much harder than we thought...even for those of us who think of ourselves as dreamers!

I made tags with my wishes on them. If you counted, you'd see that there are only 18...they were hanging in my studio at the shop and a couple went missing. The two missing were "Travel the USA" which had a Route 66 drawing on it, and "Build muscles!" which featured a beautiful female body. Apparently someone wanted those two wishes for their own...I have a gate across the entrance to my studio now.
 Some of these wishes have come true...Joe and I rode our bikes to Holly's house, and I have traveled more in the last few years. Some of the wishes I found were still outside my control to come true in the way I thought....but maybe they can happen in a way I didn't dream of at the time.
How about you? Could you come up with 20 wishes for yourself? It's harder than you might think!

Tomorrow, I'll share a picture of Jennifer's wishes.


Tracey said...

I love this idea.. the tags are beautiful!! If I could only draw! I really like what you've done and though I have a bucket list,.I think I'm going to try this as well.

pedalpower said...

You can write them Tracey...or maybe do collage...or doodle? It's fun to make them visual somehow I think...but then I'm a visually oriented gal. Let me know how it goes!

Yvonne said...

Oh wow, yours are beautiful too! I didn't get this far down yesterday :) I totally get it's hard to come up with 20 just for yourself - it's daunting even thinking about it ;)

thanks so much for the return-visit & comments!!